Dressed for the Weather

There are external influences that attempt to circumvent one’s consciousness.
It is elements make way and lay down rain as ice.
Advice from ancestors also reigns.
Walk with your head held high with dignity and class.
Storms that form abruptly will soon pass.
Diversions are just that temporary versions and devotion to them varies.
Steer clear of fear and love will appear, no longer are burdens heavy.



Principle is Invincible

It is from the divine utterance that duty reigns supreme to exude positively to collective conscious.
Recognize that we are more than ourselves.
Looking into oblivion through a concave lens presents an illusion.
Knowing that the principle is invincible.
It is the Creator that walks among us.
To establish righteousness and correct the unjust.
Within the universe the journey is to love first.