The Illusion

Violence begets violence.

Transformative you must be. 

To reach the sleep.

Disrupting the herd

Is preferred individuals of action and not sheep. 

Resolving the redundancy and exposing the repugnance that runs unabated hindering the circumference. 

Do you value life of another? 

Inferiority is an illusion.  



Infinity Awakens Within

Infinity awakens within The ancestors speak of the sin
the unjust murder of Michael Ferguson. The frustration from the determined extermination of Trayvon
The Gestapo tactics elevate the repugnant static where the actions of a lot of police agencies have communities flinching from these 21st century lynchings
Reminiscent of Emmet Till.
Blood continues to spill
The stench reeks akin to a landfilled with
A replenishment of ignorance that runs rampant
Inflicting damage to hearts and minds
Affecting vision
Making those blind
To where utopia is a difficult place to find.
No sense to Google it or put it in your GPS, satellites determine no such place exists.
Amidst these atrocities
Cities across this country
Is the engagement of violence
The market is open to target specifically Black men.
Resistance to consistent indifference is not heaven sent,
It is hell bent.
Thoughts in stride
That infinite wisdom provides
Displays a lack of humans
Being humane Consistently because of ignorance and jealousy.
Fear is the spear
That pierces the heart in an vain attempt to make what is insane– sane.
There is no justification in the elimination of these lives.
The solution is retribution, there is no excuse for the misuse of authority.