Know You Got Soul

I am.

Life is poetry.

Know you got soul.

Man’s love for his woman from bended knee.

A soul’s expression of individualism despite the cataylcism of systemic oppression. 

A John Coltrane jam session. 

What Nikki Giovanni’s words spoke to my spirit. 

Muhammad Ali’s punch. 

What G. Garvin cooked for lunch. 

It is Rakim holding class on what it means to be a real emcee.

And Dr. Neil Tyson  engaging audiences like a mystic discussing outcomes of theoretical physics. 

An intelligence intermingled in syncopated soul encapsulated through the boom bap of a conscious rap to recognize consciousness.

With this business my soul bares witness. 

Know you got soul.

We are here to experience and relish existence while acknowledging GOD is present. 

To whom is the author encouraging thought to evolve and elevate.

Along with the transition to divulge into higher dimensions.

Recognizing a better extention of ones self. 



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