Some Relief

I want to put this situation
In its proper perspective.
I am struggling.
Really struggling.
I pray this works.
Typing out my pain.
I am sure,
No different than any.
Everyone has some form of strife
In their life.
Yes there are others worse off
But need some relief,
A financial reprieve.
I feel alone.
GOD within hear me.
Low funds make it
Difficult to function.
The assumption is I will be okay.
I don’t feel that way
It is a constant stress
Of this mess
Makes me feel hopeless.
Looking to find the reason why
When my practice is to be selfless.
Visible, yet invisible I stand
Screaming as loud as I can,
And it seems no one hears me.
They say the world is your oyster
But they don’t tell you that pearl is elusive.
Why the FUCK
Can I get a break?!
Just once…



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