So I Rebel

Thoughts sink onto the screen

A midday daydream

Times like this

I feel like 

 The forthrightness and conviction of Frederick Douglass mixed with a

Uncanny mathematical ability and poetry of  Victor Hugo

A far-reaching extrapolation

I would say

None the less

Projecting to the unsuspecting

The workings of intricacies

Of my mental appendices

I’m a rebel

So I rebel

The drafting of word crafting has me

Under a spell

Caged in

Enraged in

Held captive of my own thoughts

Needing a storm comparable

To a tornado

To spin away negativity

Within me

That rises up and tries to defeat me

Over the years

Being too nice

Has its price

Tends to break you down

You ultimately rebound

Battle scars worn

Body aged and conscience war-torn

I confide in the DIVINITY

Within me

Giving sanctity and sanity

Instead of getting my @ss

Handed to me

I’m a rebel

So I rebel…


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