Off the cuff

Peace. This is off the cuff. No fluff stuff. They say if you call yourself a writer, than you must write.

Write about anything. Anything of interest or non interest, but let be about something.

I sit, and ponder. My mind wanders, fantasizing, tantalizing, visualizing, on occasion, sexual liaison with Janet Jac….

Okay so now that  I got your attention; they say writers become good writers, when they are able to be descriptive of  

their  personal experience and exhibit the pain of the moment. In the 40 plus years of life, on this Earth, in this body,  

I hope I will be able to articulate the pains and pleasures of my life’s experience. Write on. Write on. Stay tuned….


2 thoughts on “Off the cuff

  1. I like what you say about just writing. Writing cuz we have to write. Just to sit and let the words and sentences pour out of our fingers…to see what wants to come out today.

    The pain and pleasures of this moment. Well, I guess we don’t have a shortage of those, do we? 🙂

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