His Promise

It was Sunday

August 9th

Two days before my 12th birthday

We were at Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop’s  house

Visiting  for the weekend

My grandfather was terminally ill

The cancer was taking over

He spoke to me

When he spoke it was from an ethereal realm

Although he had looked sullen, sick, and withered

 I had witnessed a giant of a spirit of a man

That lay in the bed

 Full of physical pain

Each cell of his body aching

We walked into the room to say our good- byes

I was the third one in to see

 This Blessed man whose name I have

Say to me

“Hey man?!” to me. ” I know you have a birthday coming .”

I said to him,  a present for me is to him to live past my birthday

 He said, “I love you, ‘Manny’… It is okay. I’m a make it to your birthday”

“You promise?”  I said. “I promise, ” he said

He kept his promise

Around 2:30 Tuesday

Of my 12th birthday

Of the 11th day of August

Lester William Pollitt, SR

Passed on and changed form

I miss  

I reflect and reminisce 


I think of you

With tears in my eyes I think of

The wisdom you shared

The love

Thanking GOD for you

Being in my life…


2 thoughts on “His Promise

  1. The spirit of family emits through all of us and our memories of Mom Mom and Pop Pop… you are a true spirit and you hold the name Lester William Pollitt proud and high. I love you cousin!

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