Life Times

I am  life  times

Old school

Like Mother Goose

Or Dr. Seuss

Nursery rhymes

I am that ice-cold beer you put away

In the fridge’

On a hot summer day

I’m that 20 dollar bill

From the other day

You forgot

Put away

Folded in your pants

The last dance

I’m the final song

You heard

When you got out the car

I’m the last shot of whiskey

You had at the bar

I am thirst quenched

I am outside in the rain


Doo-doo on your shoe

The stench

Life times

I’m that feeling

Of butterflies

You feel when you see

The girl you’ve had a crush on

Since 7th grade

Grown up

And she wants you

And you want her

GOD is good yawl

I am the last cupcake left

Young babe  resting my head

On mom’s breasts

I am life times

Until final breath….


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