Role Model

Man, they raise hell in the press

About role models

Who do you look up to?

These famous folks

Get their dirty laundry aired out

On a regular

Thinking because their paycheck is bigger

The morals would be better

Go figure

Modern day garbage

Delivered to you door


You want to get rid of

I get pissed

Because they insist

That most are dumb

And the point gets missed

Remember back in the day

We had “Real ” role models

Bright, upstanding

People to follow

Or is it the media

Was very selective

I’d say to the degree

Somewhat protective

Of famous people

One indiscretion

They blast that ass

Then you’re scheduling

A press conference

To restore

Some confidence

Look at home,

Neighborhood, friends

Teachers, church members

Can you find one?

A role model…


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